Locked Out of your Office or Commercial Building?

Getting locked out of offices is more common than people think. Every day, local locksmiths get dozens of calls from commercial buildings about a lockout. There are many reasons why this happens, but the cause is typically locks that have not been maintained and forgetfulness.

Many times the person responsible for locking the office forgets the keys inside or ends up losing them. Misplacing the keys can have disastrous effects because when office managers are standing in front of the office door in the morning, and realize they have been locked out, they start worrying whether they would have to cancel scheduled appointments and meetings. Losing the keys can have an enormous impact on office performance.

However, do not worry. If you are locked out of your office or a commercial building, we realize the importance of unlocking it urgently. Our locksmith services efficiently cater to office and commercial lockouts. No need to panic, help is just a phone call away.

Locked out of home or office.

So you have been locked out of your office. It may be because you lost the keys, forgot them or because the lock suddenly becomes dysfunctional. A worn out lock can happen when maintenance on it has been long overdue.

In fact, most of the office, commercial buildings, and safe lockouts happen not because of forgetfulness, but because of the wear and tear of the lock. In commercial buildings, it is easy to neglect the maintenance on the lock because of turnover in your maintenance staff or other issues are prioritized more.

However, if you have been locked out, do not panic. First of all, try to look around and see if another entrance can be used to go inside. Many times people panic, and they forget to check this and just end up calling the locksmith. However, if you have an alternative entry point that can help you get in, it will help you save money.

Ideally, you can have the First Class Locksmith phone number on speed dial. Our technicians cover the entire Greater Houston Area. Our mobile technicians are always somewhere near you. Your call is directed towards the nearest technician who can easily get to you in 15-30 minutes.

How do locksmiths open locks?

Many times people are worried because they do not know the type and model of their business lock. However, we tell our client not to fret because this will not matter for First Class Locksmiths. Our trained locksmiths know a variety of locking mechanisms and styles. A professional locksmith can easily recognize the lock model as well as its locking mechanism.

Our locksmith will assess your lock and the lockout situation, and inform you about the services needed. If you remember your lock type and the number of times it has been serviced, maintained or repaired, that might prove helpful. However, it is not necessary. Once the locksmith assesses your situation and informs you about the services required, they will proceed with your permission.

Most typical office lockouts take about 30 minutes to resolve. During this time, it is your job to sit back and relax and provide the locksmith with any necessary information if he asks you. Our locksmiths will take different unlocking approaches, depending on the type of lock and the nature of lockout. They put in maximum effort to ensure no damage happens to the lock during the process.

However, in sporadic cases, the lock may no longer remain functional. This is especially true if you have been locked out because of an old, ill-maintained lock that needed repair. In such a case, our locksmiths will advise you regarding the best business lock options. You can enlist the services of First Class Locksmiths to help you install your new lock.

Our locksmiths also ensure no harm happens to the door or property. This is why First Class Locksmiths is known as one of the most reliable locksmiths in the area. We make sure to provide you with quick, professional and comforting services in this moment of duress. First Class Locksmiths will never attempt to make more money by unnecessarily replacing your lock, damaging your property or charging you more for their services.

Most business locks use the pin and tumbler system, which First Class Locksmiths are highly trained in. Such locks mostly consist of a bible, a plug, and pins. Our locksmiths know the exact mechanism to help displace the driver pins from the springs. This can be quite a difficult task. However, professional locksmith training enables our technicians to pick any lock.

Sometimes the locksmiths may use a bump key to open the lock. If however, the lock is of a different kind, such as smart lock, or if the lock is not responding to bumping and the pin and tumbler picking, in that case, it will be necessary to drill the lock.

Drilling the lock will obviously damage it beyond repair. In this case, you will need a new lock. However, drilling should always be done by a professional locksmith. It is critical you do not drill the lock yourself because a professional locksmith might be able to pick the lock in the first place.

Locks Installed & Maintained.

Like we said, one of the most common reasons for office and the commercial lockout is a malfunctioning lock. When repairs have been due for long and proper maintenance has not been carried out, your lock may not work properly.

In this case, we will have no choice but to replace your lock. First Class Locksmiths will get to your office and proceed to replace your lock quickly and efficiently. It is imperative the lock be replaced correctly, so it does not malfunction in future.

Our locksmiths will first remove the old lock using a professional catch tool. After that, they will install a new lock. During this process, the locksmith will have to adjust the holes and other catchments in the door that was there before.

locked out shop locksmith-houstonLocked out of cabinet or room.

First Class Locksmiths also offer cabinet and mailbox lock changes. Cabinets and mailboxes get much daily use and wear and tear. They are opened and closed and locked multiple times a day. This often causes the locks to give up.

However, only when people cannot open the lock to the mailbox or cabinet experience is when they decide to call the locksmith for a change. In such cases our locksmiths will get to you quickly, help open your locked cabinet, disassemble and take apart the old lock to make way for the new lock. The new installation will be quick, professional and well-done.

Safe lockouts.

If you experience any sort of safe lockouts, whether it is a combination lock, a smart lock or any other kind of lock, First Class Locksmiths will help you access the safe. We make sure the property inside the safe is not damaged.

First Class Locksmith – Locksmith in Friendswood, Texas

First Class Locksmith is your best choice for a reliable, professional, and affordable locksmith service. We are one of the top locksmiths in Houston for many reasons:

Our locksmiths are trained and have years of experience. This means they will pick or bump or push your lock without damaging it. Locks will only be drilled if you had a very specific high-security lock which cannot be picked in any case, or if the lock was damaged already.

First Class Locksmiths are well versed in a variety of lock mechanisms. This means you can be sure they know your lock already!

First Class Locksmiths provide quick services. The response rate is between 15-30 minutes, and we offer the most competitive prices in Houston.

So if you are wondering which locksmith you should have on your speed dial, you know now!

Dealing With Being locked Out of your House

Hurrying, absent-mindedness, stress, and multitasking are the hallmarks of modern day life. And in all this, it is easy to lose our keys or to forget them, ending up in a situation all of us dread –a house lockout.

House lockouts are more common than we realize. Every day, millions of people find themselves in such circumstances, and the immediate gut reaction is to panic and look for a locksmith.

Many times people panic to the extent of trying to force entry through the door, which leads to damaging property and the locks. If you find yourself in such a situation, don’t worry.

Just remember this is normal and can happen to people, and the best thing you can do is to stay calm and search for a reliable locksmith.

Whether you are reading this article because you have been locked out of your home, or because you are trying to prepare for any unforeseen circumstances, it’s a good thing you are here!

We are going to give you the whole run down on this situation, so if you find yourself staring at a locked door to which you have no keys, you know precisely what to do!

How Does a House Lockout Occur & What You Can Do To Prevent It

Before we move onto the steps you should take when locked out of the house, let’s see what the things that can cause you to experience this situation are. Typically house lockout occurs because of three things:

locksmith lockedout houston

  1. You Forgot Your Keys:
    It happens. As silly as it sounds, it is prevalent. Many times when you are rushing out of the door, you may end up clicking the lock only to realize you don’t have your keys with you.Typically this happens during the early morning rush when people are rushing to work, or getting children out the door for school. In all the hustle and hurry it is very easy to forget your keys on the kitchen counter or the table.
  2. You Lost Your Keys:
    Losing your keys is another typical scenario. Maybe you forgot them at work or lost them there. Or perhaps it was a trip to the supermarket where you had to empty your bag while your toddler spilled milk on it, and you end up losing your keys there.It can be anything. Perhaps the keys fell out of your pocket, or your bag, or maybe your purse was stolen and with it went the keys as well. Whatever the case, at the end of it, you have to stand in front of a locked door.
  3. Faulty Locks
    Another typical scenario is the faulty locks situation. Maybe your locks have not been inspected or replaced in a long time. Many people forget to maintain their locks, which makes them unresponsive to the keys.

Sometimes the lock may have sustained some damage after a storm or an accident, and you might’ve kept off the repairs. Usually, in such cases, you have to pay for the stalling with a house lockout.

How To Prevent a Lockout?

Now that you have seen the three most common situations which cause a house lockout, you can agree that prevention is better than the cure.

Rather than landing in a situation where you have to spend hundreds of dollars on getting your lock undone, it is better to be prepared not to land yourself in that situation in the first place. The best thing you can do to prevent this is to:

  1. Have multiple copies of your keys. Keep some extras in your car or your bag. Or if you have a reliable friend or a neighbor, keep a copy with them.Some people also find it helpful to hide the key somewhere on their property. The benefit of having extra keys cannot be stressed.
  2. Have a spare key on your car key chain. It is a helpful tip. Having a spare key on your car key chain will prevent you from losing or forgetting the house keys.Often, when we have to take care of more than one keys, we tend to forget. But having them in the same bunch makes this less likely.
  3. Get regular lock maintenance. Locks require maintenance. Just like anything else. Giving your locks regular maintenance, especially when it’s due will help save you time in the future when you have to face an inevitable lockout.
  4. Have the number of a reliable locksmith. In case you are ever locked out, you don’t have to deal with scammer locksmiths.

Okay, I Get How To Prevent A Lockout. But What Do I Do Now That I’m Locked Out!

Okay, okay, we know you’re panicked. That is why you are rushing through. However, the first advice is to remain calm. Everything is only going to make sense if you are calm.

So when you find yourself locked out of your home, this is what you should do:

Locked Out Of House Texas

  1. Check if You Have Any Spare Keys or Any Other Entry Points
    Often in the heat of the moment, people forget they already had spare keys. Also, see if there is any other door or window that you can use to get in. Check if any other friend or a family member has a spare key to your house. If not, you have to call a locksmith.
  2. Stay Put & Don’t Force The Lock!
    Stay put and don’t force the lock because if you break or damage it, it is only going to cost you even more. It is imperative you don’t make matters worse for the locksmith because in the event the lock is damaged, it will need to be drilled out and replaced. A damaged lock will cost more.
  3. Call a reliable locksmith
    There are many scammer locksmiths out there who will either charge you more for the job, insist on changing your lock, or in the worst cases, copy your keys to rob your house in future. So the first thing you can do is to call a reliable locksmith.

Now if you haven’t prepared yourself for this situation beforehand, chances are you won’t know who to call. In this case, when you search for a locksmith number, run a quick search online and see if the locksmith company has a proper name, website, and contact information.

Check them out on Google, and when their employee arrives, see if he is wearing a proper uniform. All of this will signify the locksmith is real and not a scammer.

First Class Locksmith – A Reliable Solution

If you are wondering how to get in contact with a reliable locksmith, First Class Locksmith has been providing locksmith services to Houston for over 35 years.

We are highly experienced and ready to provide to you Houston’s top locksmith service experience. Our locksmiths are trained and have years of experience and certifications.

A seasoned locksmith means they provide the maximum service with the least amount of damage done to your locks. Let us know if we can help you!